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E.R. (Ever Remember) Day Camp 2012

Stake Primary Presidency

Through inspiration and researching the internet for ideas, I was able to come up with the theme for the 2012 camp. The Stake Primary Presidency and I worked together to plan the classes and choose the teachers. It all came together beautifully and once again we had a wonderful time serving the girls in our Stake.

I have posted lots of pictures and documents...

I decided to share once again, my plan...
2012 Activity Day Camp

D&C 18:10, “Remember the worth of Souls is great in the sight of God.”

 Service Project # 1--Remember the worth of SOLES is great Shoe Drive
 Girls brought a new pair of shoes to donate to Sleep Country Shoe drive for Foster Kids in Washington. Many of the girls earned the money throughout the summer to buy the shoes. My girls sold lemonade and cookies outside our house.

I shared this letter with the girls, so they could know about the Foster Kids Program...

Sleep Country Foster Kids Program Press Release



Song:  “I am a Child of God” 

Volunteers: We got to dress up and have fun!!
All of the leaders wore scrubs or just a scrub top or whatever looked like hospital attire. 

Other ideas: Children's plastic stethoscopes or real ones if you have them, a Surgical cap, mask, foot covers, or be creative and make a red cross bandana for your arm.

Signs for Day Camp

Name tags:  Medical I.D. Badges:  Made necklaces with vinyl pocket I.D badge, slipped a printed paper in them saying "Ever Remember, the scripture, and our name.  All of the girls got one. The color of ribbon let them know which group they were in. All leaders wore orange.

Admissions:  Check In Areas (in the gym)

Triage—Form groups and receives:
Bags for girls: Hospital Bag--we found clear bags online...bought in bulk.
Girls used sharpies to decorate them.
ID—Bracelets Hospital bracelets!!! How to make them?
Note: They’d return their bag and necklace after day 1, so they won’t loose them.

A hospital donated the blank bracelets and a sister in the Stake created labels... Bracelet Template


When the girls arrived they checked in a Triage, then got their bags, and went to the table with the colored table cloth that matches their necklace. Volunteers were ready to braid hair...
They love getting their hair braided.

Classes based on Faith in God Books

Class: # 1--Learning and Living the Gospel
Class # 2—Serving Others
Class # 3—Developing Talents
Class # 4—Preparing for Young Women
Day 1:
Class# 1: "ICU” The lord sees that you have worth…do you see?—Scripture??” –Loving who you are? Beauty is on the inside out!! (eye chart with scripture)

Class # 2: “X-Rays”: Photo Shoot--We had a photographer teach the girls how to take pictures and then she took pictures of the girls and created a slideshow that we showed on the last day of the camp.

Class # 3: “Record Keeping”-- Journals --The teacher talked about journals and how to keep on and the girls made their own journals.

Class # 4: Visiting Hours: Trust Games Out door ropes Course-- Teamwork/Trust

Class # 6: “Blood Pressure Check”: Don’t Give into Negative Peer Pressure

Class # 6: “Say Aaah Bracelets”: Popsicle Stick bracelets

Master Class "Heart to Heart Project”: (Use a Stethoscope as the visual) 
Scripture-- Luke 10:27 “… Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.”
Craft/Service Project- Need to Check with a local elderly nursing home or Bishoprics to get a list of 18 lonely bedridden or sick elderly. Heart Attack- Large Cards with hearts all over and Words of love & Tie quilts.

 FYI: We had too many quilts...suggest 1 per ward to tie.

Day 2:
Class # 1: Quilt Class-- We had so many quilts donated that we had a class just for tying quilts.

Class # 2: "Life Support" - Prayer…Alma 37:37  “Prayer ROCKS” Make a Prayer Rock
Girl’s decoupaged a heart on one side made from fabric and put vinyl letters "Pray" on the other side. Rocks were painted by the teacher beforehand.

Class # 3:  “CT Scan”—Character Traits strengthen you, your friends, and family.

Class idea here...Personal Qualities Activity

This Blog
Linked From Here
Helpful Sites
Class # 4: “Life SAVERS” - (Missionary Work/How to Share the Gospel with your Friends) – Life Savers Candy (Write testimony and give to a friend with pass along card.)

Class #5:  “Watch your Temperature”-- Anger Management


Class #6:  “Angry Birds Games” Used bouncy balls...painted Angry Bird faces on them, got boxes to knock down and exercise bands were made into a slingshot. To create the Angry birds game...This was tricky, but we figured it out... see this website...

Before our final class the girls made love notes to be placed in the shoes for the Foster Kids...
Then we played a shoe game...all of the girls got in a circle and took one shoe off and put it in the center. Then they had to go run to the center a grab a shoe and find the girl whose shoe it was and get to know her.

Master Class : OR (Operation Remember)- Remember who you are, a daughter of God.
Snack & Slide Show

Special Musical Number: “Walk Tall You’re a Daughter” By a group of leaders...we all cried! This song came to me one day as I was thinking about the camp. I remembered singing it in YW's Here is the Youtube video.

Chorus: Fits with the theme perfectly!!
Walk Tall you’re a Daughter,
A child of God
Be strong please remember
Who you are
Try to understand
Your part of His great plan
He’s closer than you know
Look up he’ll take your hand.

Guest Speaker:
Testimony meeting/ Closing Song and Prayer:

Handout: “Ever Remember” Book Mark with “7 Things to Remember. We actually didn't do the bookmarks. This was however and idea we had. The Master class speaker talked about these 7 things.
7 Things to remember:
*I am a daughter of God*
*I am unique and one of a kind*
*My life can be what I want it to be*
*I can be kind to everyone around me*
*I feel confident about who I am*
*It is important to feel beautiful on the inside*
*I am loved by more people than I can even imagine*

We handed out bottle cap key necklaces with them theme and scripture "ER Ever Remember"
We ordered the Bottle Cap necklaces from ...
 A sister in our Stake made the template for the circle insert...

We handed out a thank you treat to all of the teachers and volunteers.
Thank you Template

Every year we take a photo with our theme banner.
 Email me at asmallmoment (at) gmail Dot com if you would like the volunteer forms we sent around in R.S., Primary, and YW. Also the Camp rotation schedule.
 For some weird reason they are not working in Google Docs.